What Is Trance?

What Is Trance?

- Nick K.

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Trance is a state of mind. Trance represents the level of awareness and consciousness of the human mind. It involves the variety of process and techniques that affects the state of mind. The trance state in the human mind is an involuntary and unbidden process. Trance occurs in human mind due to an altered state of consciousness. Trance can be a resultant of meditation, prayer or magic. Trance can be explained as a path to communicate with the unconscious mind. During trance state a person will be concentrating more on his inner self. Trance is a state that is deeper and lighter than the normal consciousness. The normal sense of reality cannot be changes without using trance. Trance will help a person to overcome the problems occurring from the environment. Trance gives complete rest to the mind and body of a person. During a trance state a person will get an opportunity to think about himself and make positive changes in the outlook towards life.

A simple trance can be generated using cognitive loops. This will result is a set of disabled cognitive functions. Meditation, hypnosis, charisma and addictions are various form of trance. Trance can be state of deep involvement in any particular activity.  Trance involves neurological mechanisms and psychological implications. Trance can be defined as state of mind when the conscious mind is fragile. Voluntary actions of the body will be poor or sometimes missing. Trance is a state of deep sleep. The body and mind of the person will be completely at rest. But the unconscious mind of the person will be still controlling the body. This is a state of apparent sleep of unconsciousness. Many physiological characteristics in the body of the subject is liable to possession during this state. The experience of the subject during trance state will be being placed in a state of ecstasy. The condition of the mind of person will be traveling from different degree of negative unconscious state to positive conscious state. Trance can be triggered with use of conversational hypnosis also known as covert hypnosis.

During trance state the subject is in a state of enhanced suggestibility. They subject will more willing to respond to positive suggestion while in trance state. The induced sleep like state of the trance state can be utilized to transfer new ideas into the mind. The body of the subject will be willing to permit external influence. Trance state of mind can be induced using hypnosis. The unconscious response of the subject to suggestions will be enhanced in quality and the degree will be higher. If the trance is generated using hypnosis then the subject will accept the suggestions of the hypnotist. The subject will be completely disassociated from everything happening outside. But it is not a stage of unconsciousness. The state of mind, emotions, moods and daydream are all factors included in trance state.  Trance is the ability of the brain to use the consciousness of the mind economically. Trance can be used for several purposes related to human problems. Trace will help for relaxation, healing, inspiration and intuition of the human mind. Trance can be considered as a endemic to human conditions.