What can you actually do with conversational hypnosis

What can you actually do with conversational hypnosis?

- Nick K.

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The purpose of conversational hypnosis is to help the subject make an intelligent and well-directed decision, or come up with an idea, that is in sync with your wishes by accessing their unconscious mind. You need to make sure that you are focused during the conversation and that the subject that you are speaking to is equally focused.

It is during the process of conversational hypnosis that you gain control the subject by using combinations of words and seemingly they will do what you ask them to do without questioning. It is a relaxed state that is created by words. It is what is called an induction trance. Some may view it as unethical because the person is brought into this state without their knowledge or consent. The reality is that advertising uses induction trances all of the time to buy McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and the next new junk thing advertised on TV or gadget.

Imagine all of the possibilities of using this technique. The great thing is that you will be able to do the techniques here and begin using them right away. You do not have to wait; you can try them with those around you and begin to see instant results. These techniques have been used by salespeople, psychologists, life coaches, Neuro linguistic Programming Practitioners and hypnotherapists for years. You can use these techniques one-on-one or you can capture the attention of an entire audience of people. You can get a whole group of people to do precisely want you want them to do by using covert hypnosis in public speaking. There are people that are being paid thousands of dollars to include these techniques in speeches made by politicians. The concepts are simple to use and easy to implement.

Can you believe that covert hypnosis can be used to seduce a woman or a man? The conversational technique can make the person think that you are more attractive and that they want to be get to know you better and be with you. You can align your thoughts and positive attributes with what the other person is looking for in a mate. This technique can turn a ‘nobody’ that is not getting any dates, into someone that has a date every night with a different person if they so chose.  If, with the ability to do this, you can transform business relationships by making doing business with you a far more attractive proposition to potential buyers, what else can you accomplish with covert hypnosis?.

One of the ways that you can use conversational hypnosis is to convince a client how they should feel about a certain product or service you are trying to sell them. Through the use of selected words, body language, special gestures you can lead the client in a particular direction and thought process.

Facial expressions can also be used to connect with the unconscious mind. For instance, if your subject is not making the right choice a frown can be used to give them a nudge that they are headed in the wrong direction. The other objective is to convince the person to change their own mind concerning a decision.

This type of hypnosis brings the listener near to hypnotic states, sometimes only achieved through deep meditation. The subject is totally unaware that the person talking to them is using any type of hypnosis on them.

This type of hypnosis grew out of another type developed by a mind pioneer Milton Erickson and is called indirect hypnosis. In this type of hypnosis, the person is aware they are working with a hypnotist even though the hypnotist is using subtle and covert means of bringing the person into a hypnotic state. Both of these types of hypnosis are accomplished through a technique of rapport building which will be described later.

Without this level of rapport or trust the client will not respond to convert hypnosis. Once rapport is establish the hypnotist is then able to make covert suggestions even though the client is not aware that it is occurring.