Ten Top Movies Based On Hypnotism

10 Top Movies Based On Hypnotism

- Nick K.

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The Pirate released in 1948 is one of the best movies based on hypnotism. It is based on the story of a girl engaged to a rich man. The girl has other intentions. She dreams on having affairs with the legendary pirate Macoco.

The movie Blithe Spirit released in 1945 is another movie based on hypnotism. This was adapted from the famous play b Noel Coward. The story circles around Charles and his second wife being haunted by the ghost of his first wife. Madame Arcati is a hypnotist who tries to solve the problem by contacting the ghost.

Dracula is one of the most famous movies based on hypnotism. There are many movies based on Dracula. But this one deals with the experiences of and English clerk Renfield. He arrives at the castle of Count Dracula in the Carpathian Mountains at a midnight. The story is based on his encounter with Dracula.

The Man with Two Faces was another story on hypnotism released in 1934. The story is about Actress Jessica Wells who has problems with her husband. She is the sister of Damon wells. She is alright and is in good mood when her husband is away.

Cowboy from Brooklyn is another story based on the hypnotism. The movie was released in 1941 and gives an idea on how hypnotism can help to overcome a person’s inner feelings. It deals with the story of an actor to get a job in radio station only if he can act as a cowboy.

Kisses for Breakfast is another story that tells us the power of hypnotism to overcome problems in personal relationships. Rodney and Juliette are just married couples. Juliette is often engaged and Rodney finds it difficult to adjust with it. They are willing to separate just after honeymoon.

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever is a film released in 1970. It explains how hypnotism can solve the mental problems of a person. Daisy Gample is having unusual problems in life. She can hear phones before they actually ring. She don’t know what to do with her flowers.

Psycho Beach Party is another hypnotic story released in 2000. The famous film star Lauren Ambrose takes the role of Florence Forrest. It is horror film based on a beach party. The members of the party experience some unusual problems.

How to be Very, Very Popular is a movie based on hypnotism released in 1955. The story is based on the experiences of two girls who want to become popular. They think that hiding out from the college fraternity will make them more popular.

Atlantis, the Lost Continent released in 1961 is another movie based on hypnotism. The story is about the experience of a Greek fisherman in the mythical city of Atlantis. He brings an Atlantean Princess back to Atlantis.