Ten Myths About Hypnotism

Ten Myths About Hypnotism

- Nick K.

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Hypnosis has many applications in solving physical and mental problems of a person. But there are many myths associated with hypnosis. People consider hypnosis as a bad thing and try to resist hypnosis. Hypnosis has the ability to bring many positive changes in the lifestyle of a person. Let us see some of the common myths about hypnosis.

People consider that hypnosis has some special powers. They think that hypnosis has magical powers that can control another person. Hypnosis is the study of experiences of a person. A person can be brought to trance state on with his cooperation. No one can induce hypnosis in you without your permission.

Many people think that hypnosis can be done only on certain people. Hypnosis can be done on one person who is willing to cooperate. The ability of the hypnotist and the concentration of the subject are essential for the success of hypnosis.

Another common myth on hypnosis is that hypnosis can be done only on weak minded people. Anyone who is unwilling to cooperate cannot be hypnotized. People who are ready to concentrate and have sense of creative imagination can be easily hypnotized.

Hypnotist will not be able to control you without your permission. People think that they will be made to do things that they do not want to do by hypnosis. Hypnosis is a method of suggestion. Hypnosis can only give to positive directions to follow. You can follow it only if you want to.

Some people think that hypnosis is bad for your health. Hypnosis has nothing to do with your physical and mental health. You will get more relaxed by performing hypnosis. Relaxation of mind and body brings more homeostatic balance to your body.  People always want to relax, but they don’t know how to do and hypnosis is the solution.

Some think that if hypnosis go wrong you will be unable to wake up. Hypnosis is not a state on unconsciousness. Under hypnosis you are only resting your conscious mind. Your unconscious mind will be still working. You are only experiencing a natural sleep in the trance state.

Many people think that you are unconscious during the trance state. Even if you are resting your conscious mind during a trance state you will be aware of everything happening around. But the experiences of people vary depending on their mental condition.

People think that they will become dependent of the hypnotist after hypnosis. No one can control the mind of another person. Hypnosis is a type of relaxation. You will be mentally relaxed and will be subjected to suggestions. It is up to you to follow it or not.

Some people think that you will be able to remember everything that has happened in your life when subjected to hypnosis. Some techniques of hypnosis are helpful for recollecting the past. But thing that are not in the memory cannot be recollected.

Some considers hypnosis to be dangerous and has magical power behind it. Hypnosis is a scientific method of treatment. It helps relax your mind. You can be motivated to do positive things in life when subjected to hypnosis.