Steps To Start Your Conversational Hypnosis Skills

Steps To Start Your Conversational Hypnosis Skills

- Nick K.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have everything you wanted with just one command? That would be like living in royalty. You could have everything you wanted under your nose and life would be perfect. Learning and mastering conversational hypnosis is like walking in concrete full of needles and thumbtacks. It’s painful, time consuming and sometimes lead to a very disappointing life. But when you get the chance to master it, you got the feeling that things and people are there for you to control. This is scary and sometimes this skill is called purely evil due to the fact that controlling other people could be unethical and sometimes impossible to do. But there are people whose testimonies and works are quite known because of this, and sometimes they are sharing this kind of information by selling self help books for other people to learn from them. Some of these so called experts are conducting seminars to teach other people how to control other people’s mind.

The first time we get this kind of idea because of online games such as Red alert where you could control the enemies mind and have them attack their own allies. This is funny when dealt with games, but it is sometimes scary when done for real.

But if you really wanted to learn a few tricks and tips regarding conversational hypnosis, then this article is best suited for you.

The first thing you need to do is to look for someone who is willing enough to be your participant. That could be handy especially when you use your wife and tell her to shut up especially during an argument. After you choose your participant have her relax and take a deep breath and engage rapport with that person. Bear in mind that you need to side with that person no matter what he or she is telling you. If he says this is impossible, then side with him.

Next thing to do is have him confused with that topic. Make him understand that there is really no solution to that problem and there is entirely no way out for him to solve this solution. This will create confusion from your subjects and will try to stand up and defend him and to try look for other possible options. Then after a period of confusion, the subject will see your point and will be more of like hypnotized to your suggestions and will do things the way you wanted them to do.

This skill takes a lot of time to master and it needs different situation and opportunities to practice. Though this could be a little bit of a problem especially when you’re kind of a shy person, maybe you wanted to go out of your shell first before engaging this mind tricking skill. Have this to your advantage, and this skill will get you a long way to success. This could be unethical for some, but there are other advantages that needed to think about before you dismiss this skill.