How To Make People Want To Start A Conversation With You

How To Make People Want To Start A Conversation With You

- Nick K.

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Once I went to a party. I saw a man there with really an unusual tie. He was looking really different in that. But the next moment I saw him talking to a beautiful woman. He was really well in his conversation. I went to him after some time and asked the reason about his unusual tie. He told me about one game- “whatzit?”

Whatzit is a game which requires us to carry or wear something really unusual which attracts people at once. It can an unusual pin, or a bag or an unusual hat etc. You should have that thing which attracts people. It should draw their attention towards you and should force them to come and approach you.

If you are in a social gathering or in a party, you should always that whatzit object with you. Imagine if you are there and one girl is really attracted towards you and she says, “Oh man you are really charming but you are not carrying any whatzit, so that I should come and approach you.” How would you feel in such a situation?

Think about it gentlemen. And that goes same for the ladies. You can’t miss this chance of your life.

Be a whatzit seeker also

Like wise observe those people also who you wish to approach. Try to find something really unusual and different. Just go and approach the person of your choice and try making a nice conversation with him or her. Don’t worry about the result, because this technique always works.

Whenever you go to a gathering or parties always carry or wear some thing unusual so that people approach you at once. But please note that it should be related to your personality also at the same time. Always make sure that a delighted stranger should come to you and ask, “excuse me, I can’t help asking from you, whatzit………?”

By this method I can promise that no one can help coming to you and making the conversation by himself.