Setting Priorities To Become More Successful

Setting Priorities To Become More Successful

- Nick K.

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Most of the people have the habit of enjoying their present. They will not consider the enjoyment that can be attained in the future with a little bit of sacrifice. Such people will have the habit of spending everything that they earn and a little bit more for getting happiness for current day. This often results in economic and personal failure.  Disciplining your way of life is important to succeed. You have to what to do and the most important to do. You may be think this is difficult to achieve but that the stepping stone for success, pride, self esteem and personal satisfaction.

Setting up priorities in life will help you to organize your life in the way you want it. You have to decide what you want most in your life. Once you have identified it you can organize your time and activities to fulfill it. So everything you do in the future will be to achieve your objectives. This will help to stop the wastage of your valuable time. You will have to set up long term priorities and short term priorities. You have to plan your days by writing it on a piece of paper. This will help you to remember it and to stick on to your priorities. Wait for some time before you decide to take and action. Think about the benefits that you are going to get from it in the future. Take a deep breath and list all things to be completed on a paper. You may not get enough time to complete all the activities you have list. This is where priority setting comes for your assistance.

You have to assign rank to the task to be completed based on its importance for achieving your goals. Even if you don’t have the time to complete all tasks you will get time to complete the most important ones. You have to concentrate on completing the task with highest priority before going for another. Stick on to it until you have finished your task. You will be having the efficiency to complete a task. But the way in which you complete the task is important. It is the effectiveness in which you are able to complete a task that matters. Effectiveness of completion of a task requires more thought than action. 

Estimate the amount of time that you have to complete the tasks that you have listed. Consider the most important one to be completed if you have lesser time and rank it first. Similarly rank all the activities based on available time and priority. You have to repeat this exercises four to five time to sort the tasks based on highest priority. Give numbers to the task based on the priority you have decided. Now you will be ready to achieve your major goals by working more effectively. You will not be haunted by the works that you able to complete, you will be haunted only by those tasks that are yet to be completed. So always try to complete the task that gives more happiness and satisfaction to your mind.