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How Trance Affects You Daily Life?

- Nick K.

The vague language model can be used to induce trance in a person. The trance state of person is not the out come of hypnotism only. Every person will undergo the trance state daily in their life. We will experience trance state most of the time we are resting and is a naturally occurring process. Trance state of mind is essential for mental health. A person will be more focused in his internal world during trance. The unconscious mind of the person will be controlling the body during the trance state. Any action that increases the involvement in your inner self will deepen the trance state. Normally the focus of a person will be towards the outer world. The conscious mind will be looking for what is happening in the outside world. You will not be able to concentrate on you inner feeling when you are in conscious state. 

Trance state can be created in groups of people. Trance is state of deep involvement. People who are listening to a concert, speech or football match are actually getting involved in a trance state. People getting involved in a rally or attending talks of inspirational speakers or attending religious ceremonies are all in a trance state. People who go struck by fire or earthquake or being attacked will be suffering from a sense of shock. They have to be brought back to normal state of mind. When a person is in trance he will be unaware of the things taking place in the outer world. The subject will be deeply involved in the inner self. This is reason why some people will not be able to hear you when they are watching something interesting in TV. You can see trances from the face of the person. People will have a glassy face and will be deeply involved in some thoughts.

Trance state of a person is traditionally identified from the immobility of the body, relaxation of the face, slowness in reflex, distortion of time or feeling of disassociation. Anything that captures the attention of a person and creates a deep involvement can be considered as a trance inducer. Computer can be considered as trance inducer. You can see people deeply involved in computer. They may leave their food and fail to respond to others spending hours in front of the computer. Daydreaming can be considered as a type of trance. It is creative form of trance if taken positively. You will be abele to prepare your mind to do something positive.

The trance state has many positive factors associated to it. People will get retreated to their inner self and will be trying to sought out problems. When they think deeper into their problems leaving everything happening around will gradually reach to a solution. The deep concentration on the problem always gives a solution. This is the reason why some people having a problem before going for sleep rises in the morning with a solution to it. You unconscious mind will be working during the trance state of your sleep to find an effective solution.







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