How To Use Stories And Metaphors For Trance?

How To Use Stories And Metaphors For Trance?

- Nick K.

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You can induce trance in a person using metaphors. Intelligent use of figures of speech, stories, comparisons, smiles and parables can generate trance in a person. Metaphors work using comparison and connections from one thing to other. We make sense of our experiences using comparison and connections. You will be able to get different kind of experiences from the same kind of situations. If you are touching a surface with the tip of your finger you will be experiencing a feeling of touch. The information you get can be noticed from your sense of touch. If you are running your finger slowly along the surface you can experience another kind of feeling. By comparing the feelings of touch you can compare the character of the surface. You can understand the temperature and texture of the surface from the touch.

The feel of temperature of a surface is generated by the difference in temperature of your finger and the surface. The picture of what you are seeing is generated in the brain from the images it is getting from your eyes. Both of your eyes give a three dimensional view of what it see to the brain. Brain puts both these images together and creates a third image that is better than both. Similarly metaphors build creative connections using two events and generate a third one. The third event will be different from the other two events and will be more illuminating. Metaphors are used by inspirational speakers to make the ideas clearer to the audience. They also use parable and metaphors paradoxically to capture the attention of the audience.

Metaphors are used by everyone in the daily life. However their effective usage can lead to great results. Covert hypnosis is based around using metaphors, speeches, emotions to bind a person into a trance. It is closely connected to our lives. It is used at every level of life starting from the bedtime stories to work, life, relationship and health. Stories always increase our ability to think. The metaphors that a person uses tell more about the experience and character of a person. It will give the key to the type of life they are leading and the gives information about the way they think. People approach life depending on their experiences. A adventurous person will be approaching life entirely different from a person for whom life is a struggle.

Metaphors are used even by organizations. Organizations considers there employees depending on the way they react to situations. People who can play the role of team players will be appreciated rather than those who act as a fighting force. A learning organization is an instance of current metaphor for business. They create a different picture in a difficult scenario. It gives a powerful metaphor on the principles that the give value and in the way they treat their employees. You can find liquid metaphors in the financial world. Cash flow, flooding market, liquid assets and frozen assets are examples of liquid metaphors. The sales market is also full of metaphors. They describe selling as a battle. They consider customer as an enemy and objections of the customer is attacked using strategies.