How To Use Language For Trance?

How To Use Language For Trance?

- Nick K.

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Language is one powerful tool for NLP. The sentence formation offers a wide range of interpretation. A person cannot avoid responding to instructions given using proper language. When a person hears something he will unconsciously think about. We will try figure out something meaningful on everything we hear. Our mind will be searching with out our conscious knowledge to interpret what we hear. We will try to figure out what is relevant to us. The sentences used for NLP must be vaguer as possible. This will give more opportunity for the subject to probe. If the sentence is vague there can be many possible meanings. Sentences framed to create a sense of positive feelings in the mind of the subject are the secret of success of NLP.

A vague sentence that invokes the thoughts of the subject is called the language of politics. The language of politics is intended to please everyone at all time. There will be something in the language that satisfies the demands of everyone. The language of politics will not get outdated with time. So, effective political announcements are always kept vague. A political statement will not give the exact idea of what is intended. They will be delivered to give expectations to people. What actually is indented is left hidden. They may be declaring some changes but the measure at which it will be implemented will not be specified. Everyone can interpret the statement according to their liking. Some people will be supporting and others will oppose. 

The application of vague language can be found in popular songs. We can find vague language used paradoxically in most of the popular songs. These songs will be trying to pass a message of love and emotions. The listeners can interpret these songs according to the way they feel. The mood of the listener is a large factor that acts behind this interpretation. These songs have a universal appeal. The exact time and action of the situation will not be specified in the song. So people from all over the world can enjoy it in the same mood. Since the time is not specified the song will remain eternal. Vague language used in song gives an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the song irrespective of sex or creed and still make sense.   

This type of vague usage of language is called Milton Model. It originated from the modeling work done by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. This modeling work was based on artful usage of vague language by Milton Erickson. Milton Erickson was a famous hypno-therapist. The Milton model is actually the mirror model of Meta Model. In Milton Model sentences are constructed with abundant usage of deletions, generalizations and distortions. Conversational Hypnosis program by Igor ledochowskwi also focuses on using the same milton model for inducing a state of trance.

A client approaches a hypnotist to solve his problem that he knows consciously. The hypnotist must be able to solve his problem by interacting with the unconscious mind. The Milton Model of vague language enables effective communication with the unconscious mind. Complex language is used to distract the mind of the subject from the conscious thought process. When the client reaches the trance state you can search for resources from the unconscious mind.