How To Speak More Assertively

How To Speak More Assertively?

- Nick K.

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A person can become more assertive in his speaking by practicing principles of conversational hypnosis. A person need not be aggressive to be assertive. Assertive behavior should not be hostile. You should not blame, threaten, demand or be sarcastic. Being assertive does not mean that you should be aggressive and pass the limits of others rights. When you are speaking more assertively you should be communicating in a clear manner. You should give respect to the feelings and rights of other people. Assertiveness is a honest and appropriate way of expressing one’s feeling, needs and opinions without affecting other’s. Assertive speaking will create positive self esteem and better self image.

You have to approach practicing assertive speaking in a simpler manner. Assertive speaking is not a complicated process if approached properly. Express yourself clearly and honestly when you have an idea or opinion. It is just simple like rising you hand in the class when you know the answer. When you have new ideas suggest the change to your boss and coworker’s. The biggest challenge in assertive speaking is to stick on to the ideas you have suggested. When you know that others may disagree, stand up to state the positive aspects of your ideas. You should not be harsh in countering your opponents. You should ensure that you are not influenced by the opinion of other people. You can change your mind when someone suggests a rational argument. But you should not change your opinions due to fear.

A person who can speak assertively will get more respect. You will be noticed by others when you stand up for yourself. It is better than not taking a stand. People often find it difficult to ask others for the necessary help they need. You won’t get the help you need without demanding. You should not hesitate to request for favors in need. Most of the people are willing to help others if the need is reasonable. You should also have the will power to turn down unreasonable request from others. A person who has the ability to speak assertively will get compliments and insults. You should be ready to accept both. Some people become embarrassed when they get positive or negative feedback from others. You should not make your accomplishments less and be ready for all types of possible feedbacks.

An assertive speaker should have the courage to question rules and traditions, if they are not rational or fair. You should not remain silent just because things have been the same. If you feel that a traditional rule is unfair communicate it with others. You should not attempt to break the rule or law but you have the right to find out the reasoning behind such unfair rules. Some rules may be less flexible and others may be open for debate. Always ensure that your rights are respected. You should not allow others to resist you until you have finished expressing your thoughts. You should always try to develop a value for your thoughts and belief system.