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How To Sound Like You Have Got A Super Personality?

- Nick K.

Once in a party, I saw a man surrounded by the throng. I saw him from far off, and by looking from their only I was really impressed by him. I went near in order to listen to the conversation. But as I went near him I found that whatever he was speaking it was all useless. It was not at all making any sense. But truly the only reason why people were listening to him was his way of speaking. Yes, it is true. People doesnít gets impress by your words, but it is your way of speaking which creates magic.

What is a good opening line, when you meet people?

Always be specific whatever you are saying. Donít hassle between your words and your thoughts. Be clear in your thoughts. Always try to make yourself very much clear to the listener. Try to put people at ease and sound passionate. By convincing the people around you, you put them at ease. You understand each other. The walls of mistrust, fear, and suspicion are broken down by this.

Donít be ever worried for your first words, because almost all listeners donít pay any attention to your words. They only get attracted by your way of speaking. They donít have to do anything with your words. An empathetic style, positive attitude and passionate delivery makes you sound the best among the whole crowd.

Your first words should never be complaints, negative thoughts, rude or unpleasant because it gives a really bad impression. It forces your listener to go far away from you.

Just be yourself and youíll surely win many hearts.






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