How To Make Them Think WE

How To Make Them Think WE {instead of you vs. me}

- Nick K.

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There is a technique of knowing about other’s relation- EAVESDROPPING. I have already discussed about this technique earlier. By this technique, you can easily know about other’s relation.

You can eavesdrop and it will let you know about other’s relations. You can easily know that whether the two are of acquaintance or they are friends or they are seriously into a relation or not?

You’ll never need to hear sweetheart, darling or anything else from them to know about their relation. You’ll not need to see their body language even. You can be blind folded and tell about their relation easily.

It even doesn’t matter about how is their body language or their tone voice. The methods which I am telling you here, don’t need any of the points above. They are simple principles of conversational hypnosis. You can easily tell about anybody or anybody’s relation. A conversation unfolds as two strangers become closer. Here are the ways of knowing it.

Method One: Cliches

Whenever two strangers are talking they’ll definitely toss clichés back to each other. They’ll talk on none other than the dullest topic of this universe, the weather. First one is definitely going to say to the other, “oh what a lovely weather today?” or might be, “oh lord, what a rain?”

Mthod Two: Facts

People who are acquainted to each other and

Know each other for a very small period of time will perhaps say, “oh, john have you noticed this is the second date we are enjoying in rain.” Etc.

Method Three: Feelings And Personal Questions

When people become friends they ask personal questions to each other. They also express their feelings to each other. They can even share their views on the dullest subject weather also. For example: “Katherine, you know what? I have always loved this rain.” Or “john I just love being out on a sunny day, it refreshes my soul.”

Method Four: We Statements

Now we finally come to our intimate topic. We have reached the final stage now, apart from facts, feelings and clichés. It is we and us statements. Friends discussing about the weather can say, “oh, john I wish this sunny day always remain in our lives, and lighten up our relation like this only.”

You can often use we, as if to bring out the good aspects of your relation. It gives a nice feeling to your partners. It feels as if you are friends from a long time. In many conversations with strangers you can use we, just to give a nice and warm feeling.

The word we nourish your relations and help you to make them even better. It gives the feeling of togetherness and allows the listener to be connected.

Create the sensation of intimacy with everyone, even if you have met him or her for the first time. Try using we, us, and our in your conversation. It really affects the hearts of millions.