How To Make A More Powerful Eye Contact

How To Make A More Powerful Eye Contact?

- Nick K.

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Proper eye contact is essential for communicating with people effectively. Developing the habit of making proper eye contact can be achieved by proper practice. You have to develop the habit of making powerful eye contact with people only gradually. If you attempt to make it fast you will revert back to your old way in very less time. You have to be well motivated and mentally focused for developing powerful eye contact. You should develop a plan to succeed in making proper eye contact first. You have to focus your attention on the eyes of the people when you are communicating with them. It may take several weeks to make your attempt successful. You should not give up with initial failure.

You may find it too distracting to look into others eyes during a conversation in the beginning. You don’t have to take the fact how many times you didn’t have an eye contact. Just focus on the eye contact again and again and you can gradually know the progress. You can use several techniques to improve you eye contact. Try to concentrate on making eye contact while you are watching the TV. When you are watching news show the presenter will be looking at you. Try to look into the eyes of the person on the screen. You can also learn a lot on the way to make eye contact by watching group discussions in the TV.

The development of making powerful eye contact requires looking at a specific area for a long period of time. Your eye lens has to focus on a point at a specific distance. You eye socket muscles should have the ability to hold your eyes for a longer duration. The neck and overall posture of the body have to be maintained to keep on looking at the other person. Initially when you are trying to make eye contact, the muscles for making proper eye contact will not be strong. So you will feel tired after few attempts and will give up. Your contact muscles will not have the energy to hold up for longer duration. Practicing eye contact on the TV will help you to develop the eye contact muscles.

There are several methods to make eye contacts. It is easier to make eye contact with a person when you are listening. When you are listening to someone you will be more relaxed and can focus on the other person. But when you are speaking your mental energy will be concentrated more on the thoughts. So first learn to develop eye contact as a listener and then focus while speaking. You can make easier eye contacts when the duration of conversation is less. So when you are leaning try to make eye contacts for shorter and quick conversations. You can make easy eye contact with people who are familiar to you. Some people will find it difficult to make eye contacts with people of higher status. So initially look for the easier methods for developing powerful eye contact.