How To Look More Approachable?

How To Look More Approachable?

- Nick K.

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A person has to approachable to succeed in the life. Your way of talking and body language makes you more approachable. It is not money, looks and physical strength that makes a person approachable. It is way in you present yourself in front of others that make you approachable. You must be aware of your body movements when you are talking to others. All people have the ability to communicate nonverbally and are called body language. You don’t always have to speak to convey some messages to others. Some people may not always know how to use there body properly for conveying a message. Other people will be watching your body for cues. So the way you use your body language is an important factor that make you more approachable.

People have a tendency to show closed body language when they are not comfortable in a situation. Closed body language includes gestures like folded arms in front of you, staring down on the ground, hunching over, not facing the person you are talking. All these gestures give negative cues to others. It shows that you want to be left alone and do not like to be approached. If you want to be more approachable you should display positive cues. This requires an open body language. You must always face the person you are talking to and must be aware of making a positive eye contact. You must sit or stand in an upright posture. A good body posture will make you more self confident. Never cross you hands in front of you while talking to others.

A powerful eye contact is essential for passing positive cues to others. You should learn to use your eyes for communicating effectively. You eyes must have a smile to attract others. The eyes are not used for looking at others but, others can use it to look into you. Your eyes will be reflecting the state of your mind. If you are not looking in the eyes of the person you are talking to, you are actually closing the doors of your mind. Making a powerful eye contact is one of the first step towards inducing trance with conversational hypnosis. Others will feel that you don’t like to be disturbed and will keep away from you. So don’t look down, up or bury your eyes in a book while talking to others. When you are communicating with others watch your environment in a friendly manner with a smile in your eyes. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with people.

A genuine smile in your eyes and face will always attract people. Smile conveys a warm and affectionate emotion to others. Smile has the ability to put everyone at ease. Warm smiles will not only makes you relaxed but others also. When you are taking to people don’t simply stare but look with smile or twinkle in your eyes. Be always relaxed while presenting yourself in front of others. Nervous gestures like putting your hands in your face or mouth shows that you are not interested in talking to others. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind if you are nervous.