How To Induce Trance?

How To Induce Trance?

- Nick K.

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Trance state is often interpreted to be religious ecstasy that can be created using a variety of techniques like prayer, meditation, religious rituals, pranayama, music, fasting or consumption of drugs. Trance can be created in a subject knowingly of unknowingly. Trance can be created with or without a reason. The type of technique used to induce trance depends on the mental attitude of the subject. The result of the application of trace technique therefore varies. There are many natural and neutral methods for inducing trance.

Auditory driving is one method for generating trance in a person. It affects a person through the sense of hearing. Techniques like chanting, story telling, singing, music, drumming and mantras are used for inducing trance using auditory driving. This method of inducing trance works using a process called entertainment. This method of trance of now commonly found in dance and music culture. This considered as modern version of shamanism. Jam bands can also be used to create the same effect. The services offered in churches uses this technique to induce trance in the listeners Trance state helps for neural connectivity and to solve human problems. Conversational Hypnosis is also employed to create state of trance. Conversational hypnosis works by making person move into a dream like state by showing him what he wants to get.

The usage of repeated rhythms can also induce trance. This is a ancient method used all over the world for inducing trance. Shamanistic practitioners have been using this method to induce trance for centuries. Entertainment and synchronization is the process behind repeated rhythmic trances. The breath rate and heart rate will be affected by the stimulus from the auditory channels. Rhythmic sounds can affect brain activity. The theta brain waves are affected by the auditory stimulus. Auditory stimulus can result in altered state of consciousness. Trance music creates the same effect of the military drums in the mind of the listeners.

Visual driving is another method used for generating trance in human mind. This method induce trance using the sense of sight. This method also works though the process called induction. Visual driving creates more visual imagery in the subject. The person will have decreased physiological responses. The brain wave frequencies of the subject will be altered as a result of visual driving. It affects the entertain process of the brain thereby increasing the learning capability. Visual driving can produce deep relaxation and euphoria. This will increase the creativity and problem solving ability of the brain. The theta waves of the brain are affected by visual driving trance method.

Kinesthetic driving is another method or inducing trance. This method uses the sense of feeling for generating trance. Movement of the body by dance or story telling can be used for kinesthetic driving. Other methods used for kinesthetic driving are mudra, rituals, breathing exercises, yoga, sexual stimulation or oxygen deprivation. The sense of feeling, touch and emotions are used to generate trance using the process called entertainment. You may be aware of some rituals performed by athletes before a competition. This was considered to be superstitious. But they are actually entering in a trance state that will help to improved there concentration. This will enable them to focus completely on their target.