How To Induce Trance Using Your Voice?

How To Induce Trance Using Your Voice?

- Nick K.

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The voice of the speaker has the ability to put a person into trance state. The speaker can communicate with the subconscious mind of person who is in trance state using conversational hypnosis. This will help the speaker to communicate positive information into the listener’s mind. But to bring a person into trance you will need the cooperation of the person. The tone and composition of the voice has the ability to put a person into trance. A person who has the willingness to accept hypnotic experience can be brought into trance state using the modulations of your voice. So voice has a very important role to play to induce trance in a person.

The vocal level and tone of the voice to induce trance is difficult to be identified and stated clearly. The voice level of people varies depending on the voice. But as a general approach you have to use a normal, soft, slow and clear voice in hypnotic therapy. Your voice should not disturb the thought process of the listener. You should gradually catch the attention of the subconscious mind of the person using a soft and friendly tone. Your voice should be comfortable to build a rapport between you and the listener. But if you are performing stage hypnosis then you will have to use a strong and powerful tone. This is necessary to attract the attention of large number of people at the same time. When you are performing a hypnotic show you have to become the focus point.

There are basically two types of voices to produce hypnotic induction. They are monotone and rhythmic. The monotone voice allows the client to remain focused. This will help to keep the client away from distractions and diversions. You have to ask the client gently to obey your instructions. It is more like giving commands in a soft manner. The instructions have to be transacted to the subconscious mind of the client without any distractions. The rhythmic voice creates a peaceful atmosphere and lulls the listener into a trance. The voice levels of the speaker will guide the listener into a peaceful mental state and then to a trance state.

There are many other elements of the voice that is utilized for inducing trance in a person. Word distortion and emphasis is used to bring the attention of the subject to certain crucial hypnotic words. This is used to create a special desired effect in the subject. Raised pitch is another element of voice to give hypnotic instructions to the subject. You can raise your voice slightly to give posthypnotic suggestions. Uninterrupted rhythm is another element to generate trance in the person. Usage of connective words will create a natural rhythm to induce trance in the subject. Silent pause is another element that allows time for the subject to respond to your suggestions. You should give some time between your suggestions for the subject to respond.

A hypnotist has to do some practice and work outs to identify his required level of sound on tone. Practice will help you to maximize the results of hypnosis. Voice is the most important tool for giving suggestions to the subject.