How is Covert Hypnosis done

How is Covert Hypnosis done?

- Nick K.

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Now we come to the meat of the matter. You know that covert hypnosis can be used with anyone in about any situation. You also know that in order for it to work you must build rapport with the person which enables them to trust you. We also advise you to deeply think about your goal, making sure that – within your own belief system – it is an ethical thing to do. Be ethically clear on your position on the use of the technique. If you feel it is unethical, or you feel you are intentionally manipulating something to do something illegal, unethical, etc. THINK TWICE. One of the great Universal Laws states that what goes around, comes around! Life has rewards and consequences.

Establish Trust

Once they trust you, the subject(s) will let their defenses down and allow your words to penetrate into their unconscious mind where thoughts and behaviors are born.

Work must be done in order to establish rapport with the client. It is not instantaneous and it might be different for each person. You need to learn to mirror your client. This means that you are mimicking their mannerisms, tone of voice and choice of words. The more similar you appear to the client the more rapport you can build.

Building rapport is really a two way process. It is a clear and strong flow of communication between two people. When you are able to build rapport you will overcome resistance to what you are saying and the person’s response will be more in tune with what you want them to think and the way you want them to act.

Having Mutual Respect

Rapport is constructed based on mutual respect between you and the subject or subjects. Rapport is important in all types of communication or relationships whether it is with a client, a business partner or your girlfriend or spouse. It shows you care about the person who is in front of you and you respect what they are saying, thinking and believing. Keep in mind that the basis of good communication is 55% physiology and 38% tone of voice. Therefore, a lot of communication occurs beyond what our conscious minds are aware of.

It is in connecting with the person’s unconscious mind that true bonds are formed.