Conversational Hypnosis: Skills For The Evil Minded Person?

Conversational Hypnosis: Skills For The Evil Minded Person?

- Nick K.

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Let us hope and pray that you haven’t been one of the victims of this conversational hypnosis. But if you were, you didn’t even notice that you were victimized by this deadly and evil hypnosis that is raging in our streets. This is deadly and evil in a sense that when this is not used for the good of mankind, there will be crimes all around town without you knowing and they could be happening just right on top of your nose. This is tricky and harnessing its powers that require training, patience and even time to master this skill.

This kind of hypnosis has been for ages. Though we hardly seen this on the news, or even making the headlines in our daily newspapers, this is really true. The people who mastered this skill have the ability to change other people’s mind, behavior and how they act with certain subjects. They will be able to get everything they want from your money, your house and even your identity. This is usually used for businessmen who wanted to increase their sales and trick other people into buying their goods, commodities and services.

But if this skill is properly done and is used for the goodness of mankind, then overweight people will stop eating, chain smokers won’t have cravings to puff and light another cigarette, alcoholics will stop drinking and even pain will be tolerable to no pain at all. There are advantages as well, and we can’t really classify conversational hypnosis as purely evil. This is entirely true when used in a good and creative way.

This is one of the many critical topics regarding ethics and even in morality. There have been talks and discussions regarding how ethical it is when you control someone’s mind and their behavior even if it is doing them good. So if you are on the side of these patients shoes, how would you react to hypnosis?
This skill is so powerful that controlling other people’s mind can now be seen for real and not just on popular video games. Persuading other people to do your will or change their behavior so that it will fit with your lifestyle is like so creepy when you think about it. It is like having to tell your wife to shut up during the argument will be quite fancy and easy when using this kind of hypnosis.

You can even learn hypnosis by yourself. There are self help books out there in the market that could help you to learn all about this. You can use via your computer and there are also audio books so that you can learn from it while you are out in the house. Always bear in mind to use these powerful skills for the good of mankind and not for personal reasons and popularity. When you can master this skill, you can now control and persuade anyone even your neighbor’s dog that is barking loudly in the morning, or persuade everyone to buy any products from you.