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Control the Mind Using Hypnosis - The Ultimate in Self-Help

- Nick K.

Self-help is a method used to train a person to overcome his mental depressions and control the mind. But self-help actually teaches to control the mind using hypnosis. All the writings and teaching related self-help is based on the basic principles of self hypnosis.

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - Self-Help In Another Form?

The self-help articles and teaching concentrate on relaxation techniques, mental purging, visualization concepts, positive thinking and positive confession. But all these methods are tailored from techniques used to control the mind using hypnosis. Self-help is actually a basic version of the method to control the mind using hypnosis. But the preachers of self-help may not accept the fact and many are not be fully aware of the methods used to control the mind using hypnosis.

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - What's The Difference?

One of fact you learn while trying to control the mind using hypnosis is to ignore your anxieties and negative thoughts. Hypnosis trains you to concentrate on positive thoughts. Only positive thoughts can guide you through the proper channel to success and to prevail over mental depressions. The self-help also teaches you the same but follows a different approach. Self-help directs you take your mind off from the present problems and to raise your spirits. This approach makes the unconscious mind to be free from troubles, which is not unlike to control the mind using hypnosis.

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - What's The Difference?

People promoting self-help always spread a belief that hypnosis leads to loosing a person's control on himself. A person trying to control the mind using hypnosis has to relax his body and mind entirely. This leads to a relaxed sleeping state. Self-help promoters highlight this state saying that you are not in your own control. Actually your subconscious mind still has control of your body. The self-help method also needs you to be relaxed, they will also instruct you close the eyes, relax and assume a better mental state. So you are actually indirectly following all the steps needed to control the mind using hypnosis when you follow self-help.

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - The Bottom Line

People reluctant to control the mind using hypnosis from others can opt for self hypnosis. Information needed for self hypnosis is now available on prerecorded CD's and DVD's. The visual and vocal instructions are easy to follow and give you more control on the processes. But self-helps books have to be strenuously studied before practicing and may have to be reviewed after each stage. This leads to the lack of concentration and relaxation expected. Relaxation of the mind is the most significant part in both hypnosis and self-help. Hence the approach used in the CD's to control the mind using hypnosis is simpler and effective than self-help books.



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