How To Be More Successful By Empowering Others?

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The ability to empower others or to create an impact on others using your positive qualities is important for the success of a person. Empowering others do not mean to control others; it is the ability of a person to bring the energy and enthusiasm out of another person. The first thing that a person should do to empower others is to eliminate all factors that reduce their ability for what they are doing. Once you are able to empower a person you can motivate and inspire them. You can use you ability and knowledge to provide energy and resources to make them more effective. You have to empower three types of people in your life. They can be people close to you like family and friends or your staff and coworkers or other people with whom you interact like customers, suppliers or bankers.

There are many simple ways to empower people closer to you. The self esteem of a person is sacred to everyone. You must treat others with the same importance you give to yourself. The simplest way to empower others maintaining their self esteem is by showing expressions of appreciation in every positive thing they do. When you are appreciating or thanking them you are making them feel that they are important. They will feel that what they did was valuable and worthy. They will then be more willing to do what you are saying. You can empower people closer to you by using generous praise and approval. They will think themselves to be more important. This will make them feel better. When a person feels better he will be able to act better. You can increase the self esteem of those closer to by paying more attention to what they say and act. This will make them feel that they are more important and responsible.

The ability to motivate people at work places requires clarity in communication. You must be able to communicate exactly what is needed from the other person. When you are able to explain clearly what you require, the other person will be happier and more empowered. Consideration is another motivator that can empower people. A good motivator will have the ability to maintain a friendly relationship with the employees. Such people can control the employees without creating any hostility. You can ask personal questions to the employees or have lunch with them to create a friendly atmosphere.

You can empower other types of people around you by using the general principles of motivation like appreciation, attention, consideration and clarity in communication. The most important factor is that you should be genuine in your approach. You must have the ability to create a positive mental attitude in their minds. A person has to be friendly, patient and open minded to be successful in motivating others. Others must feel comfortable in your presence. You must understand the difficulties and be cooperative to them. You must deliberately show special interests in people and then they will be responding better to help you.

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