Covert Hypnosis: Should It be Considered a Crime if Used for Unscrupulous Means

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There are some unscrupulous people who practice hypnosis not to help others but to use their influence over them for their own personal gain. However, there is some doubt attached to the idea that people can be forced, under the influence of hypnosis, to commit a crime.

Some psychologists would argue that this could not happen since a person cannot be forced to do something even under hypnosis what he would certainly never consider doing when he is in a normal alert condition.

Some other psychologists would counter though that given the right conditions, and if the hypnotist has a great degree of expertise, and the suggestions are repeated often enough, there is a good chance that a person under hypnosis can be compelled to commit a crime. If the person is then caught committing the crime should he also be punished for it even if he was not aware of his actions at the time?

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