The Power Of Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis: The Power When Used in Mass Hypnosis

The success of the use of covert hypnosis has been a blessing to many especially for those who have been cured of psychological problems. However, it can also be a basis for terror when used for mass hypnosis.

People who have some repressed need for dependency are particularly vulnerable to mass hypnosis and those that fall victim to mass hypnosis have suffered the consequences becoming mental slaves to their hypnotist with effects lasting for years. This is probably because the victim willingly surrenders his conscience and personal responsibility over to his hypnotizer.

In history, there have been many examples of how mass hypnosis, fueled by propaganda, turned civilized men into mindless criminals. Mass hypnosis hidden in these propagandas with often repeated words and symbols trigger the masses. In Great Britain, mass hypnotism has become illegal and other countries would do well in following their example to avoid history repeating itself.

Covert Hypnosis: Why the Young are Particularly Susceptible

With covert hypnosis, one’s critical factor is bypassed and certain ideas are implanted in the subconscious mind without one knowing it is being done. Practitioners of this technique generally acknowledge that the young are particularly susceptible to hypnosis. This is because one does not get critical factor when one is born, instead it is something that is developed throughout the years through one’s life experiences.

The young do not have enough experiences in their life to be able to compare to when faced with new ideas or suggestions so their minds do not challenge these as older people would do who have had extensive life experiences to draw on. Young people have the natural instinct to believe and more so if the person giving them the idea or suggestion is someone they look up to or respect. Some unscrupulous persons familiar with this form of hypnosis could certainly exploit this weakness in the young for their own purpose.

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Covert Hypnosis: Should It be Considered a Crime if Used for Unscrupulous Means

There are some unscrupulous people who practice hypnosis not to help others but to use their influence over them for their own personal gain. However, there is some doubt attached to the idea that people can be forced, under the influence of hypnosis, to commit a crime.

Some psychologists would argue that this could not happen since a person cannot be forced to do something even under hypnosis what he would certainly never consider doing when he is in a normal alert condition.

Some other psychologists would counter though that given the right conditions, and if the hypnotist has a great degree of expertise, and the suggestions are repeated often enough, there is a good chance that a person under hypnosis can be compelled to commit a crime. If the person is then caught committing the crime should he also be punished for it even if he was not aware of his actions at the time?

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Influencing is one such art or skill without which it is virtually impossible to work in today’s work culture. There is no single or a perfect method of influencing others. As a matter of fact, almost everything acts as a factor, when it comes to influencing any individual. Whatever way it takes, but having the influencing power, really makes your job easier. Here are a few ways which will help you influence people:

  1. People who you are influencing should know that you are with and for the policies and procedure and also that whatever you are vouching for is legitimate and ethical. Usually people have apprehensions about the legalities; once assured that what you are suggesting is the best positive thing possible, people would be with you.
  2. Rather than using a dictating approach, try to give them some logic behind what you are suggesting. Use examples and very simple language, which they would understand, while explaining the logic behind what you are proposing. Make your point after providing an example and ask them to think, this would stimulate a thought process ending into acceptance with what you’re suggesting.
  3. The people you are trying to influence should be assured that you are their friend. Any concern or doubt that they would have would be taken care of, is an assurance that you give the people strength to be with what you are suggesting.
  4. How you socialize with people helps you influence their actions as well. Be very warm, helpful, friendly and pleasant to them, irrespective of the mind set that you are in. You should be socially active and visible. The fact that you are approachable would really add a bonus point.
  5. Rather than putting a point and asking the people to abide by them provide some logic. Try to give out a suggestion and ask for their inputs to make it better. This would help the people whom you would like to influence, to think about what you are asking on a positive note of acceptance.
  6. The confidence that you demonstrate while putting your thought forward would help you to make a point. The confidence that you would have would get you an immediate and ready acceptance from half of the people. This is a common psychological thinking that if something is said with confidence; people tend to assume that it’s the right thing to use. It creates a bias in their mind and their thought process becomes positive for what is said in that style.
  7. Associate the thought or the suggestion that you have to a moral value so that they could not only relate it to better but, at the same time would catalyze the process of influencing. Show passion, commitment and emotions.
  8. Lead with an example. What ever you are trying to propose, the same should be reflecting in your own behavior. This would not only give them confidence that you stand and follow what you preach, but would give them a practical demonstration of what you are proposing.
  9. Exchange something of value with the people who are with you. This would ensure that the people would know that it’s a fair deal to vouch for your suggestions as they are not used as an instrument. They have the same respect and value as they had before being influenced.
  10. Talk about team and oneness. Togetherness and alliance building would really take you far in the bargain. The power of unity would get your suggestions or proposal accepted.
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