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How To Develop A Friendly Tone Of Voice?

A friendly tone of voice is essential for building up a good relationship in professional and personal life. The friendliness in your voice will make you more approachable. Others will feel that you are a kind person and that impression will help you to win the heart of many people. The friendly atmosphere that you can create in your voice will always makes other people interested in you. When others are interested in you they will be ready to help or obey you. Development of a friendly voice can be easily done with a little bit of practice.

You can develop friendliness in you tone by talking naturally and normally. To practice talking friendly you have to practice reading loudly in a natural manner. Select a paragraph from books or news paper and read loudly. You can read it loudly to a recording device. There are recording facilities available in all musical devices, cell phones and computers. Listen to your voice and the impact it is creating. You can change your tone and record again. Continue the process until you feel that your tone is perfect.

You have to make your body language in tune with your voice. When you are practicing reading try to read it in front of the mirror. You have to watch the movements of your face and body when you are speaking. You can watch TV shows or movies to learn how others are speaking in a friendly manner. You can replay the scenes again and again to learn the tone of voice. You can also practice the same takings in the TV shows and record it.

The ability to identify the areas to improve is the most important part in achieving the target. You have to listen to you voice carefully with an objective to find areas of distortion. The recorded voice will help you to identify problem areas. You can also watch the mirror to identify problems in your facial expression. You can identify the problem by evaluating the effect of the voice in you for the first time. You can also seek the help of a friend. You can ask the opinion of the friend in deciding the correct tone of voice.

There are many common errors that people make while adjusting their voice. All of us have the same idea regarding the friendliness in the voice. The quality in the voice change only very slightly for the adjustment. You can adjust the tone of the voice by varying the pitch of the voice. You should learn to avoid the monotone. Try to raise and lower your voice the emphasize points of interest. The change in the tone will be noticed by others. Always try to speak in a soft sound. The volume of your talking should not be high to annoy others. Nobody likes to be yelled at. Be relaxed when you are speaking to others. Relax the upper portions of the body. Your shoulders, neck and abdomen muscles must be relaxed when you are talking.

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