April, 2009

How To Build Self Esteem To Be More Successful

The success in the life of person depends on his personality. And personality of a person depends on his self esteem. Self esteem is the driving power that provides energy for your actions. The enthusiasm and energy to act in a positive manner is derived form self esteem. Self esteem form the foundation for the ability of a person to say and do the right things. Self esteem is different from self confidence. Self esteem is the level and value that you give to yourself. People with high self esteem will think themselves to be wonderful and will be able to act with more self confidence. People with high self esteem can seldom fail due to the infinite flow of energy source from the mind. So, self esteem is the most important factor for the success of a person. A person’s ultimate aim should be to increase your self esteem.

A person has to carefully build and maintain their self esteem as they are maintaining their physical fitness. You are fully responsible for maintaining the strength of your mind and body. There are basically six elements of life that is directly liked to the self esteem of a person. They are the goals, standards, success, experience, comparison, recognition and rewards that you encounter in your life.

You must be able to set your goals appropriately. The correct way in which you set your goals and achievement of these goals in a timely manner will make you feel better. You will feel more confident when you are able to accomplish your goals as planned.

You must be able to set clear standards and values for your life. A person with self esteem will be able to act according to the values they consider to be important. When the values and ideals are higher, then you will consider yourself as a person with higher self esteem.

The experience of a person is important for building self esteem. The goals and standards you set are important to obtain positive experiences. Simplify your goals so that it can be completed as you have planned. Your self esteem will increase when you are able to achieve your target.

A person with higher self esteem should be able to compare themselves with others positively. You must have the ability to know what you are doing. Always try to do things better than other successful people. You must try to compare yourself only with successful people and study their performance to improve.

Recognition of you achievements by others will always help to increase your self esteem. You should let others know about your achievements. When you are appreciated by someone who you considers to be important your self esteem will go up.

You must be rewarded suitably according to your accomplishments. The bonus, better office, cars and trophies are rewards that recognize your accomplishments. If the existing situation does not provide circumstances for rewards, you should try to create your own system for rewarding yourself.

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How To Be Successful By Keeping The Values Life?

Personal integrity is important for the success of a person in life. Integrity of a person depends on the attitude and selection of values in life. The quality of integrity of a person can be identified from the values he considers to be most important. All people wish to maintain relationship with people of high integrity. Integrity helps to maintain constancy and consistency in life. Integrity is the most important virtue needed for leadership. The relationship between the leader and the people he lead is based on trust. Personal integrity is required to build up this trust. Integrity is very important for the smooth functioning of the society. People will be always willing to do business with a person of integrity than those who have no ethics in doing business. Integrity increases the level of confidence that others have in you.

Honesty is the most important value for integrity. You must be able to keep your words and act according to your commitments. The interaction between two people will be always based on integrity. There should be basically five values of life that you should consider to be a kind of person that others can depend. Organize these five values of life in the order of priority. You must then describe how these values are affecting you and what it means to you. This forms an organizing principle that can be used to take decisions. This organizing principle helps you to evaluate yourself. You will be able to identify how closely you are acting according to your beliefs.

Once you have organized your values you must decide on the way you are going to implement it in your life. You should approach this realistically based on human psychology. The action of a person will depend on the innermost feelings they are having. That is a person having a particular feeling can act only consistent to it. If you are happy you will act happily and if you are angry, you will act angrily. A person trying to be successful must be able to act out of these feelings. You should act like the person you want to become respecting the values that are important to you. After practicing the act you will soon be able to react and feel like what you want to be. You will be able to train your mind to respond consistently like a person of integrity.

There are certain things that a person should consider for being a person giving importance to values. The first and important area is the relationship with your family and friends. You should be always true to your family and friends. The second area that you should consider is in the way you are dealing with money. You must consider money transactions carefully and honestly. Always ensure that you are fulfilling your financial commitments. The third area is the way you are fulfilling other types of commitments to others. You must always keep up your word. If you are able be right in these areas others will have better trust in you. You will have more happiness and satisfaction in your life.

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How To Be More Successful By Empowering Others?

The ability to empower others or to create an impact on others using your positive qualities is important for the success of a person. Empowering others do not mean to control others; it is the ability of a person to bring the energy and enthusiasm out of another person. The first thing that a person should do to empower others is to eliminate all factors that reduce their ability for what they are doing. Once you are able to empower a person you can motivate and inspire them. You can use you ability and knowledge to provide energy and resources to make them more effective. You have to empower three types of people in your life. They can be people close to you like family and friends or your staff and coworkers or other people with whom you interact like customers, suppliers or bankers.

There are many simple ways to empower people closer to you. The self esteem of a person is sacred to everyone. You must treat others with the same importance you give to yourself. The simplest way to empower others maintaining their self esteem is by showing expressions of appreciation in every positive thing they do. When you are appreciating or thanking them you are making them feel that they are important. They will feel that what they did was valuable and worthy. They will then be more willing to do what you are saying. You can empower people closer to you by using generous praise and approval. They will think themselves to be more important. This will make them feel better. When a person feels better he will be able to act better. You can increase the self esteem of those closer to by paying more attention to what they say and act. This will make them feel that they are more important and responsible.

The ability to motivate people at work places requires clarity in communication. You must be able to communicate exactly what is needed from the other person. When you are able to explain clearly what you require, the other person will be happier and more empowered. Consideration is another motivator that can empower people. A good motivator will have the ability to maintain a friendly relationship with the employees. Such people can control the employees without creating any hostility. You can ask personal questions to the employees or have lunch with them to create a friendly atmosphere.

You can empower other types of people around you by using the general principles of motivation like appreciation, attention, consideration and clarity in communication. The most important factor is that you should be genuine in your approach. You must have the ability to create a positive mental attitude in their minds. A person has to be friendly, patient and open minded to be successful in motivating others. Others must feel comfortable in your presence. You must understand the difficulties and be cooperative to them. You must deliberately show special interests in people and then they will be responding better to help you.

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How To Look More Approachable?

A person has to approachable to succeed in the life. Your way of talking and body language makes you more approachable. It is not money, looks and physical strength that makes a person approachable. It is way in you present yourself in front of others that make you approachable. You must be aware of your body movements when you are talking to others. All people have the ability to communicate nonverbally and are called body language. You don’t always have to speak to convey some messages to others. Some people may not always know how to use there body properly for conveying a message. Other people will be watching your body for cues. So the way you use your body language is an important factor that make you more approachable.

People have a tendency to show closed body language when they are not comfortable in a situation. Closed body language includes gestures like folded arms in front of you, staring down on the ground, hunching over, not facing the person you are talking. All these gestures give negative cues to others. It shows that you want to be left alone and do not like to be approached. If you want to be more approachable you should display positive cues. This requires an open body language. You must always face the person you are talking to and must be aware of making a positive eye contact. You must sit or stand in an upright posture. A good body posture will make you more self confident. Never cross you hands in front of you while talking to others.

A powerful eye contact is essential for passing positive cues to others. You should learn to use your eyes for communicating effectively. You eyes must have a smile to attract others. The eyes are not used for looking at others but, others can use it to look into you. Your eyes will be reflecting the state of your mind. If you are not looking in the eyes of the person you are talking to, you are actually closing the doors of your mind. Others will feel that you don’t like to be disturbed and will keep away from you. So don’t look down, up or bury your eyes in a book while talking to others. When you are communicating with others watch your environment in a friendly manner with a smile in your eyes. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with people.

A genuine smile in your eyes and face will always attract people. Smile conveys a warm and affectionate emotion to others. Smile has the ability to put everyone at ease. Warm smiles will not only makes you relaxed but others also. When you are taking to people don’t simply stare but look with smile or twinkle in your eyes. Be always relaxed while presenting yourself in front of others. Nervous gestures like putting your hands in your face or mouth shows that you are not interested in talking to others. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind if you are nervous.

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How To Be More Confident At The Workplace?

There will be situation in the life of every people life when they feel lack of confidence in workplaces. Even an experienced person will some times loose the most essential confidence needed. Self confidence is the most important factor essential to keep you moving in your profession. The confidence of a person is reflected in the way he communicates and body movements. A positive body language will make you feel more powerful and help you take control of the office. If a person loose his confidence all the works will be affected causing failure in the career.

The main problem for lack of confidence in workplace is lack of self belief. You have to take things more positively. You should give more concentration on your skills and talents in your work. Do some homework to improve your skills and abilities in the job you are doing. This will help you increase the self belief. List out all the good qualities you have. Eliminate the thoughts of weaknesses. Developing self belief is all about finding out your positive factors. Once you have the positive factors try to do some workouts to improve them. You should realize your role and importance at the workplace. No one would give you a job if you are worthless. There will always something positive in you to be at the position you are.

You must have the willingness to appreciate your success. Don’t ignore the achievements you have attained in your works. Acknowledge your achievements even if it is a small one. Give yourself praise and rewards. Such self appraisal will always help to boost your self confidence. When you have done something positive always inform others and your boss. This does not mean that you are boasting about your achievement. You have to be appreciated by yourself and others for all good things you have done. Never try to compare your work with your colleagues. You will be having your own ways doing the job. And you should excel in your work using your own methods. You don’t have to follow others to succeed in your profession.

Sharing your problems with others will help you to overcome your tension. Communicate your problems with collogues when you are facing some critical problems. Some of them will be experienced enough to show a way out of it. If you are not letting others know about your problems, they will not get a chance to help you. You will then start to withdraw from others leading to more frustration. You will become more focused on yourself and become shyer. Communicating with others will also help to build up better relationship with them. You will get a chance to know more about other people. They will consider you to be more trustworthy and friendly. Open and friendly communication is essential for building up confidence at work places. Always have a bright smile in your face. You will become more interested in going to your workplace due to the friendly atmosphere available there.

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