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Be A Better Salesman By Using These Simple Hypnosis Tactics

- Nick K.

The vast majority of people when hearing or reading the term Hypnosis associate it with public shows where people get so deeply suggested that they start feeling what they were induced to, or even act in a certain way and hypnosis is also associated with psychological or psychiatric therapies towards the solution of an inner problem.

Those facts are true, but it is also true that you can be a better salesman by using these simply hypnosis tactics we are about to overview here. You can take advantage of the power of suggestion and become a successful salesman.

1-Approach your targets if possible in their own environment. This way they will feel more comfortable and more prone to listen to you without a too defensive attitude.

2-Capture their attention by showing empathy and understanding. Talk about the situation your future client might be facing. Describe it vividly and make your target client picture himself experiencing it at that same moment. This will make his/her imagination fly high, altering the perceptions and allowing a deeper level of interaction and communication.

3-Once the customer is positioned within the created situation; he/she will be inclined to accept the suggestions you will introduce. So, at this point in which the individual is living the situation, you shall present the solution. In this case the solution will be the product, service or idea you are trying to sell.

4-Describe clearly how will the client feel with your product. Explain the sensations and emotions. Focus on the results the product will bring instead of spending much time listing the features of the product. Talk about in which way will your product solve the problem or situation.
Of course, depending on the target public and in order to establish a good communication on the first place, you will have to choose the language and even your appearance matching those of your clients. Make them feel identified with you and using the mentioned tips, an increase in your sales and therefore your financial profits are assured!








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