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A Neat Self Hypnosis Technique

- Nick K.

Self hypnosis technique is used effectively to solve many problems that have its root cause in the mental condition. Various kinds of phobias that are created in the mind due to fear and severe mental depressions can be treated using self hypnosis technique. Person attempting to control body weight, habit of smoking and addiction to alcoholism or drugs can get quick relief from self hypnosis technique. Self hypnosis technique is fairly acceptable to all since you don't have to submit your thoughts and emotions in front of others. Self hypnosis technique can be practiced without anyone's help whenever you want it.

A Self Hypnosis Technique That Works

Self hypnosis technique enables you to control you mind. Problems faced by people vary and you are the one who can understand yourself completely. So it will be easy for you solve your problems after learning self hypnosis technique. You can use the process of hypnosis tailor made to suit your needs. Although the process of hypnosis is complex and requires multiple skills self hypnosis technique includes only the fundamental knowledge essential to control your mind. This makes it simpler to learn and practice self hypnosis technique.

Normally your mind will be preoccupied with beliefs and thoughts from experiences in the past. These thoughts hidden in your subconscious mind are responsible for every decisions and actions. The self hypnosis technique process trains you mind to forget negative thoughts that hindered you growth. These thoughts are replaced with positive thoughts with a vision of better future. The positive thoughts are imprinted in your subconscious mind thorough repetition and visualization.

Self hypnosis technique to be effective requires complete relaxation of your mind and body. You should choose a place which provides absolute solitude and comfort. The relaxation method that you follow in a self hypnosis technique can be easily practiced.

  • First concentrate on an object at eye level inside five meter distance.
  • Exhale deeply throwing out all the tensions and inhale fresh air deeply.
  • Continue breathing deeply and slowly instructing your body and mind to relax.
  • Assume yourself to be descending from a spiral stair case with ten steps and you get more relaxed with each step.
  • You may have a suggestion to be transferred to your unconscious mind. Repeat this suggestion three times each as you descent the steps.
  • Self hypnosis technique does not cost you anything financially, mentally or physically. It can only improve your self confidence and view of life.



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