Conversational Hypnosis Critic - Simple Self Hypnosis Technique

Simple Self Hypnosis Technique

- Nick K.

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A simple self hypnosis technique is usually all it takes to get rid of pesky phobias, bad habits and stress-related issues. Someone interested in quitting smoking, losing weight or stopping drinking can look to a self hypnosis technique for quick relief. Applying a self hypnosis technique can help people change whatever it is about them they don’t like. Whether it’s low self-esteem, lack of self confidence or undesirability, a self hypnosis technique can help them out nice and quick.

A Self Hypnosis Technique That Works

A self hypnosis technique when applied will enable someone to become their own boss – mentally, that is. People can fine-tune a self hypnosis technique to fit their individual needs. The self hypnosis technique mentioned here for the most part consists of the same fundamental methods employed by hypnosis experts on their clientele.

Whatever a person wants to alter about himself, he can do so using a self hypnosis technique that involves auto-suggestions. Each time he plants a suggestion into his subconscious, it becomes part of his inner program. Newer or more recent suggestions will “overwrite” the mind’s existing program.

The suggestions to be implanted should be positive, embody something that’s good and easy to recall. Take out all the negative stuff and come up with ultra-positive suggestions. Keep suggestions short and to-the-point. Write it down and include the reasons why you’d like to attain this goal along with your expectations of what’ll happen once you achieve it using a self hypnosis technique. Visualize yourself actually succeeding. This will add strength to it in your subconscious.

When performing a self hypnosis technique, make sure there are no distractions. Lock doors, unhook the phone and relax. Lie down or sit down, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re comfortable. Here are some self hypnosis technique must-dos:

* Concentrate on an object that’s slightly higher than one’s eye-level.

* When exhaling, imagine that you’re eliminating the bad air that caused your inner turmoil and you’re substituting the inhaled fresh air for it.

* Breathe deeply while repeatedly uttering “relax.”

* Get into your subconscious by picturing yourself descending a 10-step spiral staircase toward a garden, becoming more relaxed with each step.

* Start repeating your suggestion here. Repeat each statement thrice. When done saying the statement, imagine ascending the staircase.

* The session is now done and you’re once again in your normal mind-state.

Go ahead and give this self hypnosis technique a try. People who feel a self hypnosis technique can help them attain whatever goal they have should make using a self hypnosis technique part of their regular self-improvement routine.