10 Things You Must Know About Your Body Posture When Meeting Someone For The First Time

10 Things You Must Know About Your Body Posture When Meeting Someone For The First Time

- Nick K.

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Body posture and facial expression is very important to capture the attention of someone you are meeting for the first time. Scientific research has proved that body language and voice is responsible for creating 38% of your overall first impression. Therefore the nonverbal communication using your body posture has great communication impacts.

You should take care to practice in front of the mirror to analyze your body posture before meeting someone of great importance for the first time. Your body movements and gestures must be carefully analyzed before the meeting. Be careful about the way you look and act. Your actions are non verbal messages and it should coincide with what you are saying.

The initial impressions on the way you act, sit or stand are more important than what you have to say. Your body posture expresses many things about you. If you want to attract the attention of the person to whom you are communicating your body posture must be pleasant.

Always maintain a sweet smile on your face during the meeting. Smile has a wonderful and pleasant effect on others.A genuine smile will always work in attracting others especially women. It lets every body feel that you are a friendly and harmless person. You cannot go wrong in attracting a person if you are carrying a smile on your face.

A powerful eye contact is essential for attracting people. You should deliberately practice developing the ability to maintain positive eye contact with people you are communicating. Be natural in the way you are making the eye contact and don’t stare at the person.

You must ensure that you are standing upright when you are talking to a person for the first time. The upright posture will always generate a positive impression on you. Having a proper upright posture conveys the message that you are a healthy, strong and self confident person. It makes a person look more attractive.

You body movements should be confident. You movements and actions during the communication will be carefully noticed by others. It reflects the confidence in you. You can practice the body movements in front of mirror to make it perfect. Self confidence is most important for a person’s success.

You have to touch the person on the body during the process of communication. Light touches are harmless during a conversation. The way you shake hand with the person is also important. A slight pat on the hand or shoulder often exhibits your level of affection. Gentle touches during the conversation have the ability to break the ice.

Walk confidently with you head up. The positioning of you head shows your level of self confidence. You should also give a firm handshake. When you are sitting on a chair, sit straight and lean forward. This indicates your level of interest and attentiveness to the person.

You must be careful to control nervous gestures like hair twisting, nail biting or pen clicking. You must instead show warm and positive gestures like smiling and gentle touching. You must also avoid cold gestures like not smiling or avoiding eye contact and placing hands on the hips.