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Know About Medical Hypnosis

- Nick K.

Medical hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, is an often misunderstood practice. A lot of people still equate it with magic! This is sad because medical hypnosis is actually a very good form of treatment for various ailments and psychological issues. The bad press hypnosis has endured because of stereotyping ("look into my eyes, you will soon feel veeeeery sleepy!") has not done the field any favors. Yet medical hypnosis has come a long way and is being used by thousands of people as aids to their well-being.

What is Medical Hypnosis?

Medical hypnosis is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic reasons. The difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy is vast. Stage hypnosis is pursued usually for entertainment purposes, disregarding a person's mental and emotional background. In medical hypnosis, a client's background is of utmost importance and plays a huge role in the therapeutic process. Clients who undergo medical hypnosis are involved because they want to be there and are willing to undergo the process of hypnotherapy, unlike stage hypnosis where some participants are unwilling to be involved but do so out of pressure.

The results are also different. In stage hypnosis, the audience benefits in that they are entertained; the hypnotized are mere fodder for the show. In medical hypnosis, the client benefits, finding renewal, healing, and/or purpose as he or she faces her medical issues.

What Does Medical Hypnosis Treat?

There are a variety of ailments and issues medical hypnosis can address including pain, bad habits, pregnancy issues (nausea, prenatal anxiety etc), psychotic issues, emotional traumas, confidence problems, and many more. The bulk of issues is usually psychosomatic in cause and therefore can be effectively addressed with hypnotherapy.

Can Anyone Undergo Medical Hypnosis?

Yes. There are differing degrees of hypnotizability but each person can be inducted into a trance state, albeit of differing levels and duration. Some hypnotists use different techniques to achieve hypnosis, like conversational hypnosis or full-on deepening techniques. Which one works best is open to interpretation and defense; it really matters on the individual and the way his or her mind works.

Is Medical Hypnosis Safe?

It is a safe and viable treatment if applied intelligently. Those in the medical profession who pursue hypnotherapy are usually very serious when it comes to dealing with individuals who want to avail of the benefits of medical hypnosis. If you are looking to benefit from this treatment, find a practitioner who has a good medical background and who truly cares for your situation. There are plenty out there.



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