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Hypnosis- The Way It Is Used In Advertising

- Nick K.

It seems to be that an hypnotic state of mind is something much more frequent and normal than what we imagine, a mental state like dream phases or being awake. Our minds are never completely awake so as to protect us from an excess of stimulus that would require an adaptation effort from us. For instance, we can come in and then leave a room without realizing if there was a television functioning or not, or we can drive along a street daily and may not have noticed advertising ads placed at both sides. Something similar happens during hypnotic states, some parts of the brain lower their activity and others get activated capturing stimulus that do not come through our conscious. Hypnosis precisely allows reaching the subconscious. That is what publicity wants to achieve. Find out this other utilization of hypnosis, the way it is used in advertising.

Parting from the subliminal publicity experiences of the 70’s, which was later prohibited marketing, has been evolving and developing new tools to reach their targets and is taking advantage of how hypnosis can contribute to their commercial purposes.
Hypnotic marketing or hypnotic advertising begins capturing the attention of the commercial targets talking about an existing situation or problem.

Once the attention has been captured, the next step is to mention the possibility of finding a solution to it in the information that will follow. At this point, publicity tries to induce emotions and relaxation in the objectives before presenting the product. At this point, what advertising tries to do is making our imagination function. Presenting the benefits more than the descriptive feature of the product leads to this. It recreates how it would feel the experience of having right now the product that is being publicized. It tries to make the public feel the need of trying the product and experience its benefits. The more that publicity makes the individual understand the value of the product in their lives, the sooner will the target customer purchase it. Stimulating the imagination of the probable consumers, makes them get to into a state of mind which is free of conscious filters or limits, so anything that takes place during that hypnotic state of mind will be registered by the subconscious. This is the moment when a purchase suggestion can be introduced and reach the subconscious for good.








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