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How To Secretly Know About Their Lives??????

- Nick K.

Your alarm rings up. You wake up. Takes the newspaper and goes through your favorite section. May be sports, fashion, or corporate etc. your morning starts like this. Your world is limited till here only.

Whatever happened in the past, donít repeat it again. Just try n explore your personality. From tomorrow flip into some other section. Preferably which you find difficult. WHY???? So that you should know that whatís happening outside also. This enables you to interact with everyone. Whether heís similar to you or not. You can discuss on any topic, if you know a bit also.

Go through the real estate section. Boring???

But u doesnít know when it can help u??? May be in the future you find people discussing shares, or properties. Going through it only once a week enables you to converse with them.

The only motive behind this is to get aware to the modern world.






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