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How To Ask For Favors [And Get Them]

- Nick K.

I once asked one of my friends in London, if she can make my stay in her apartment for approx one week. She said yes. I went there for some official work and she really helped me in making that project a success. It was obvious between us that I owed her big time.

When I thanked her on my return, she said, ‘don’t mention it, I know you’ll find a way to pay me back.’

Well off course, why not? That goes without saying.’ I said. Well it should have been like that only. I knew she didn’t help me, out of our friendship; it was because she was expecting something in return.

To my expectation she called up after two months and said that she want some numbers of the celebrities for her work, as I was working with the fashion industry so I could help her. It was really natural that she wanted to cash in the check of her favor. I obviously said yes.

If someone does something good for you, you find yourself with elephant’s memory. Infect you find ways to return their favor. If she would have called years later then also I would have remembered that ‘I owed her one.’

When you do some favor to someone and they ‘owe you one’. Just be calm and wait for sometime. Don’t try to give it a look that it’s a ‘tit for tat’ thing. Allow them to ask and you pretend as if you did it for your joy, and may be for your friendship. They knew it is a lie. You know it is a lie. But don’t make that obvious.

When you do something for someone, it’s obvious that ‘he owes you one.’ Before making things happen just wait for a time period, and then say, ‘pay back.’ Let him feel like you did it for friendship. You don’t pretend that, it is a tit for tat process.

When you do some favor, or ask for some. It is really obvious that it is a tit for tat thing. But by being calm and quiet, you just give the asker an ample period, to return your favor.






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