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Enjoying A Hypnosis Show

- Nick K.

A hypnosis show can be great fun. So if you're attending one, enjoy it as much as you can! You're bound to see some pretty funny - and often wild - things, so treat it like you would an evening at a theater or comedy show. It's all about having fun and that's what a hypnosis show is all about.

Hypnosis Show - A Cause for Concern?

Despite the fact that hypnosis has come a long way over the years and is generally accepted as okay to varying degrees by both the medical community and the general public, there are still a few people who worry about unwittingly participating in a hypnosis show. After all, what's to stop you from obeying the suggestion of a hypnotist if he truly is as powerful as he claims he is? What if you end up on stage, following his orders to speak gibberish or act is if you were a banana floating in ice cream?

It is a worrying thought, we concede that! But you needn't be overly concerned. Hypnosis works when the person being hypnotized is open and willing to give up control to the hypnotist. The fact that you're afraid of being hypnotized demonstrates your aversion; hence, you probably won't fall "prey" to a hypnotist comedian's routine.

Hypnosis Show - Front Row Seats Only!

For those who want to attend a comedic hypnosis show but want to be sure they won't end up doing silly things before the audience, here are a few insights to help you stay grounded during the show.

Resist submission! A hypnosis show typically begins with the hypnotist asking everyone to close their eyes and focus on his words. This is called an induction and is crucial to any hypnosis session. The goal of the induction is to identify who in the audience seems eager or susceptible to the hypnotist's commands. He will soon find his "volunteers." If you wish to remain in the audience and not on stage, simple stay alert and don't follow his induction orders. A hypnotist can't control you unless you give yourself to his suggestions. Typically, only those who are willing to be hypnotized end up on stage. These people aren't really hard to identify so if you're concerned about being singled out, don't worry. The truly keen ones will beat you to it.

Don't be too uptight. If the first suggestion was to stay alert (or be tight) before the hypnosis show gets going, the next suggestion is to relax when the show is underway. There's really no point in attending if all you plan to do is be rigid, resisting every word and action even if it has nothing to do with you. Remember, it's a comedy hypnosis show! Not a gathering for mass suicide. You are there to be entertained and the hypnotist wants to fully deliver with his act. He knows there will be many in his audience who are there to watch and will refuse to be hypnotized ? and he's cool with that (after all, what fun would there be if everyone was on stage, not a single skeptic in sight?) Chill out, sit back, and enjoy.

A hypnosis show can get really hilarious, depending on what type you're attending. If it's a family hypnosis show, then expect wholesome acts designed to run like a magic show that's fun for all ages. Other hypnosis shows deal exclusively with adults and may pursue lewd themes - no less funny, but not for the kids.

So, the next time you're thinking about attending a hypnosis show, don't worry about it. Just stay alert and keep an open enough mind to be able to appreciate the hypnotist's act. Oh, and when the show is over, be grateful you weren't on stage wallowing in imaginary ice cream. Enjoy!



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